Why Ronaldo Is Pissed OFF

Cristiano Ronaldo was recently brought into “the league of tax evaders” in Spain, which already has two elite members – Neymar, Messi. By the looks of how thing are boiling up , the multiple European champion looks certainly pissed off and reportedly wants to leave Spain. 
Lionel Messi was charged last year for defrauding Spain of €4.1m in unpaid taxes on his image rights controlled by two offshore companies in Belize and Uruguay. He and his Father got a sentence of 21 months each and per Spanish customs were able to avoid going to jail as first time offenders and their jail term not exceeding 2yrs. 
Neymar too is facing a tax probe in an alleged wrong doing towards a contractual party regarding his transfer fee and that could also land him in similar charges as Messi.
Cristiano is facing similar charges as Messi for allegedly evading tax of about €14.7m between 2011 and 2014 via an alleged shell company called “Tollin Associates “registered in the British Virgin Islands. Ronaldo claims almost 90% of hmage rights were generated outside Spain and he doesn’t see any reason why he should be obliged to pay any tax to the Spanish state. Prosecutors are also insisting that so far as Cristiano Ronaldo is in Spain and he is being paid for wearing certain shirts and boots in the country , he should pay tax on that.
Both Neymar and Messi seem to be on the merciful path here as both of them are certainly out of the physical jail term category even if Neymar is found guilty.
Cristiano Ronaldo’s case however is considered by prosecutors as aggravated and could carry a prison sentence of two years each . This means he could serve up to 7yrs or more if found guilty – That’s hash right . With all these issues brewing up , Cristiano Ronaldo wants nothing to do with Spain anymore and wants to leave the country if this issue is not resolved and even if the issue is resolved , he certainly  would not want to stay in Spain again .
 Let’s Just hope as fans that Ronaldo doesn’t become the Wesley Snipes of Football — we all know how bad that went.

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