[Video] Our music career has made it difficult to date the right women’ – KiDi, Kuami Eugene

The inability of entertainers especially musicians to engage in long-lasting sexual relationships with the opposite sex is due to the career path they, ‘unfortunately’, find themselves, Lynx Entertainment duo, Kuami Eugene and KiDi have said.

According to the two budding talents, they have remained single since they ventured into the entertainment scene not because they have chosen to, but for the reason that their career has made it almost impossible to get the right women to back their success.

Speaking in an interview with Daniella Asante on the ‘Nkechi Late Night (NLN) Show’, 24-year-old Dennis Nana Dwamena known in music circles as KiDi confirmed he is not involved in a romantic affair with any lady despite the popularity and fame he has attained within the short period after winning the 2015 MTN Hitmaker reality show.

Giving reasons for his single status, the “Odo” hitmaker said music is a daunting task that comes with a lot of demands which among other things includes spending time in the studio making songs, performing at several concerts, attending meetings and as such it requires a partner who understands the job description.

“I have not found the right person. The work we do demands a lot of our time and attention, you always need somebody who is going to understand the entirety of it. If you have not found that person who can understand this you are always going to be fighting back and forth with trust issues,” KiDi said.

He argued that, some personalities who happen to find themselves hitched always have issues in their relationships due to the unending misunderstanding that erupts every time they step out and meet other female fans.

“I need to know that whoever is signing on knows all these things are going to happen and can deal with them if not, there is always going to be a fight. So I’m still waiting for that person who understands the entirety of what I’m doing.”

“People used to tell me that it will become difficult for me to date when I become famous but I downplayed it and now that I’m here I realized that it’s not so easy. First of all, there is paranoia because you don’t know who is coming to you for real so it’s very hard trusting anybody,” he concluded.

On his part, Kuami Eugene who affirmed his label mate’s stance said, it may appear an easy task finding a partner as a public figure and a musician for that matter but the icing on the cake is that it’s not easy to keep the supposed relationship going smooth.

Recounting a break up he suffered after earning the spotlight, the ‘Rockstar’ known for his hit single “Angela” said he had to part ways with his girlfriend due to his focus to pursue his music dream.

“I was in a relationship but we had to separate because of this same issue. I was always in the studio, I was always performing and she thinks I’m meeting nicer girls now and I’m becoming richer so she took everything I did into consideration,” said Kuami Eugene.

The ‘revelation’ by the two heartwarming talents to a wide extent confirms why there are varied instances of infidelity, violence and soaring breakups involving some known personalities in the country and elsewhere.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com


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