I sent the following e-mail to Unkle Beatz:

Hello Unkle Beatz! I’m Sir Article, a writer and an entrepreneur. I’m the CEO of Sircle Communications, a writing firm. Well, I’m just 20 years old. But, boss, I like you a lot. Your beats are dope. You’re the finest Hip-hop beatmaker in Ghana now. I support what you do with Criss Waddle and Medikal. Can I interview you, and publish it for my readers to appreciate you?

His succinct reply was, “Okay… So How do we go about it”

I then responded, “Okay, we can chat on WhatsApp for the dialogue. Or if you want privacy, I could send you the questions for you to answer here.”

He then replied, “050######6 whatsapp”


***Sir Article: Why the name “Unkle Beatz”?

***Unkle Beatz: My household name is Uncle. My firends started adding “Beatz” to my name, because I made beats — and it started from there.

***Sir Article: Why did you become a beatmaker, record producer, or sound engineer?

***Unkle Beatz: Because I was in love with music; I didn’t how know to rap or sing, and I always wanted to do something about music. So I started trying my hands on beatmaking. I got perfect and realised it was my talent. And though I don’t play any instrument, I’ve always been able to come out with dope sounds.

***Sir Article: Alright, can you tell me about your background as an individual; your full name, your birthplace, current location, family life, religion/faith, education etc?

***Unkle Beatz: My real name is Yoofi Mayne. I’m a Fante-born, rasied by my mum and late granny; I never met my dad. I’m a Christian. I’m based in Accra. I’m 24 years old, and currently living in Sowutuom.

***Sir Article: How did it all start as a beatmaker?

***Unkle Beatz: A friend introduced me to the software FLStudio for making beats. I fell in love with it, and I started making classics on my own.

***Sir Article: What has always inspired you to do beats, or produce sounds?

***Unkle Beatz: I grew up listening to productions of Scott Storch, who was one of the richest record producers in the world. So I got inspired that I could do better, and also become rich.

***Sir Article: How did you get to work with Medikal?

***Unkle Beatz: A friend introduced me to Medikal, and he liked my spirit, so we got connected and we started working together. 

***Sir Article: How did you feel when Medikal couldn’t win any award at the recently-held VGMA’s?

***Unkle Beatz: I was disappointed, because I knew he worked very hard, and he deserved to be awarded.

***Sir Article: Well, do you really make money from what you do?

***Unkle Beatz: Yeah, I can’t say really, but I’m okay.

***Sir Article: Do people really appreciate and support your work?

***Unkle Beatz: 100%. It’s because they believed in me from day one.

***Sir Article: Also, how do you see competition and your competitors here in Ghana?

***Unkle Beatz: Nope, I’m not in a competition… Everybody is a king in his own zone.

***Sir Article: Are you better than Magnom, Fortune Dane, and the other hottest Hip-hop beatmakers in Ghana?

***Unkle Beatz: I can’t say I’m better than them. Every producer has something unique about his production; everybody is a king in his zone. So I respect that.

***Sir Article: What are some of the challenges you face as a beatmaker, record producer, or sound engineer in Ghana?

***Unkle Beatz: In Ghana, record producers are not acknowledged, but we play a major role on the music scenes.

***Sir Article: Who are your idols in the world of beatmaking, record production, or sound engineering?

***Unkle Beatz: Scott Storch, Noah 40, and Killbeatz.

***Sir Article: I can see you’ve become hugely famous in beatmaking. Can you share any secrets?

***Unkle Beatz: The secrets are: you have to be you, hardwork, and also dedication.

***Sir Article: Can you tell me some of your achievements so far?

***Unkle Beatz: Lol, I’m still looking forward to achieving much better things, but for now, I have my own personal recording studio.

***Sir Article: Moreover, what’s your vision as a record producer?

***Unkle Beatz: I’m planning on getting a record label to help up-and-coming artistes, and train people who have the passion of becoming a record producer someday. 

***Sir Article: Lastly, what advice do you have for Ghanaian youths, especially the talented and business-minded ones?

***Unkle Beatz: Everybody has a purpose here on Earth; find out what you can do best, and create a life from that.



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