The African-Ghanaian born RnB superstar with an exclusive interview with a Ashanti Based radio station this evening,27th March,2017 voiced out the lady behind his next released song titled ”THRU YOUR EYES” and the motivational reasons which made him concluded with a newly ROCK&ROLL tune after his first deep emotional ”PICK MY CALL”.

  ”Now i am happy that the only lady behind me in spirit might not believe or know that she has been my only source of joy,hope,reason,my dreamer and admirer but whether she knows or not she’s the only person that reminds me of a woman……..and in fact,the only lady i see in my is A.I of multimedia”-NJ..
   Even though, he did not say Aisha Ibrahim is the person as he abbreviated but a short discussion made with his close friend KIM ANDOH, tells Amanson Media that the romantic singer has never faced off the influential and the world wide recognized Aisha.
 Further interrogation was made to know whether NJ and AI has he said have ever met but he said ” I have seen her once at The Multimedia and HER smile alone gave me hope to be a better person even though I don’t think A.I. and I can work out something because it is something I see it unbelievable”-NJ.
Information gathering states that the romantic SUPERSTAR might be wedded this YEAR with unknown date.
Stay tuned as more follows soon.


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