Teephlow Shouldn’t Have Said This To Strongman’s Attention “I am the best rapper and Ghana’s…”

No need for long intro, Sarkodie is the rap god in Ghana; let’s debate that on another platform and day! Many ardent rap fans are worried about who will be the perfect person amongst the new crop of rappers to take over from Sarkodie after his appeal start dissipating. It have always been so challenging to choose Sarkodie’s successor if rap in Ghana. There are countless rappers in Ghana but people are looking up to some few of rappers which are; Strongman, Koo Ntakra, Teephlow, Ypee, Amerado, Freda Rhymz, Eno Barony, Yaw Berk etc. But it sees only Teephlow and Strongman are the talk of the nation..

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Many names ping the minds of many but most of them are based on sentiments. This is because some people come from the same neighbourhood with a rapper or they have been touched by a rapper’s song. The truth is, Ghanaian music is more or less like on a treadmill because most of the fans, bloggers and stakeholders are not objectively helping the industry.

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Regardless of the varied sentiment expressed by music consumers in Ghana, born Lukeman Baidoo aka Teephlow has stated categorically that he’s the future of Ghana rap and the future in mind is now! He shared his thought via twitter that, “People say TeePhlow is the future of GH Rap and I say the future is now”.

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Teephlow is signed unto Spy­derlee Entertainment ­record owned by­ Paa Kwesi Nduom afte­r he graduated from t­he camp of Hammer of ­The Last Two somewhere 2016. He recently released an album christened, ‘Phlowducation’ EP. If you’ve not grabbed your copy of his Extended play (EP) album, the next thing you should be thinking of is getting one considering the packages of surprise loaded on it.

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