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Teen Choice Awards change to Asante Akyim Entertainment Awards

In this subsequent time, The management and C.E.O focus media came out to announce their upcoming event and went mute for a long time. The organizers of the Ashanti Akyim Teen Choice Award is now out to clearify why their organization went mute for that long period.

According to Alfred Kumi the C.E.O of Focus media told the leading site in Entertainment that they’ve gone mute due to some problems and arrangement they are making. He said ” We are planing to make this program big and successful so we’ve decided to change the name into Asante akyem Entertainment Awards. He would not use Teen Choice Awards again because it’s an initiative of a registered organization, now we are growing so we’ve decided to make something of our own.

Focus Media Entertainment promises a long overdue and packed event this year. The event holds two sessions a day Awards for the Teens and the Entertainment acts as well.


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