Tamale Mayor Throws Dirt On Fancy Gadam’s Name After Recent Incident

Tamale Mayor Throws Dirt On Fancy Gadam’s Name After Recent Incident

Fancy Gadam, the face of Tamale entertainment, was in the news recently for one of the biggest shows ever to be held in Tamale. The show which slated for 30th June and was supposed to be held at the Tamale Sports Stadium with main acts being Fancy Gadam himself and Nigeria’s Dancehall sensation Patoranking had massive hype on all platforms.

Unfortunately for the Gadam Nation boss, right after Patoranking touched down in Tamale on Friday ahead of the show, the usual convoy by Zylofon Cash crew and Fancy Gadam’s fans which was supposed to lead the artistes to their Chief had an accident.

About 6 fans of Fancy Gadam and 2 Zylofon cash staffs died through this gory accident and due to this, the show had to be called off. Fancy Gadam made a public statement that he couldn’t continue the show because he doesn’t have the courage and strength to continue a show knowing very well that he has lost his fans right before the show.

This incident raised issues from both loved ones and haters of the young talented artiste. One of the surprising comments from concerned people in Tamale was that of the Mayor in Tamale.

Although Fancy Gadam has built a good reputation for himself in Tamale, his Mayor came out to make derogatory comments about him concerning the accident.

In an interview, he stated emphatically that Fancy Gadam is disrespectful and that he has taken Tamale to himself and he does everything he wants. In his words, he stated “Fancy Gadam is a very disrespectful boy and he thinks he can do anything he wants. Just look at what has happened. I won’t allow that boy to host any show in this town ever again. Does he think Tamale belongs to him? He wakes up and does anything he wants…”

This comment made us skeptical and we wanted to find out what is actually making this Mayor spew these things. From close sources, we found out that Fancy Gadam has a show that he had to perform and the Mayor also called him to come and perform for him at that same time at a different event. Fancy Gadam told the Mayor that he’s really sorry and that he wouldn’t be able to make it to his show. This made the Mayor furious and it created his dislike for Fancy Gadam.

Rumor has it that another artiste in Tamale, Macassio, is also behind all these allegations. A lot of false things has been said about Fancy Gadam and it’s quite sad how he trying to put his city on the map has turned into hatred.

The Mayor has now succeeded in making people think Fancy Gadam has used his fans for rituals which is why they passed away in the gory accident.

After a phone interview with Fancy Gadam, I can boldly say the artiste is innocent and these allegations leveled against him are false. These allegations are either engineered by the Mayor himself or Macassio who’s also a contender in Tamale.

Stay tuned for more info.


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