Someone Hacked my youtube account and terminated it – Bless

Its not been too long since one of the current reigning Highlife Act, STB House and Skyron Entertainment’s signed artiste BLESS from Ghana got 5 million views and still counting on his YouTube Account with his Chocho Mu Cho hit song. The saddest thing is that the YouTube account which known STB House Entertainment can not be seen on Youtube anymore. This caught our interest and we dealt deeper into the case.

Earlier this morning we caught a glimps of the Highlife musician expressing his feelings on the matter on his whatsapp status and i quote

” Someone hacked into my Youtube account and terminated it. Now I’m reported on instagram too, I can’t comment, like a post and even give a caption to my own post. If this is from an industry person or some heartless hacker, i don’t wanna know but i wanna let him know he can only win by clearing the name “BLESS” from the heart of Ghanaians.

Wicked World” .

It’s so sad to see that what one worked for goes to waste. The time spent on gaining followers and views all gone. We promise to give to an exlcusive update on the issue….



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