Shatta Wale gave strong warning to his fans

One of Shatta Movement fan on Shatta Wale’s facebook pages start promoting other artist stuffs there which proud dancehall king get angry of it and this is what he wrote to the fans

Shatta movement started with music so thru music we came together,so if you guys keep poking your nose into peoples affairs and don’t promote the music ,I will just go off from all my social media platforms..

We have been tagged as crooks,dirty people and street people and yes we like it but our music brought change that many artiste are enjoying today. So if you don’t follow the directions of the movement and think you can have your own way ,I will just do things my way cuz it’s a choice for you and your life..

We’ve been there ,done that and now we have to show the leaders of our society we can do more than always poking our nose into people’s affairs

My g ,this will not help us grow in no way !!!

I am doing a lot of things just to protect you the fans.The loyal ones are doing what they have to do to promote but the by -force -to- be- celebrity- fans are just taking about issues which are not their matter ..Remember you are not a radio station nor Tv station cuz you decided to follow a direction of one man and that one man gave you hope,so don’t ever forget.

Stay focus and promote Shatta movement

No artiste has a vision like mine ,all they think of is hype and the hype doesn’t bring money into their pocket.
Only shatta wale talks about serious issues and it goes viral ..Always know that .. and that’s democracy cuz it’s no crime

Any update I see about any fan about another artiste I will just delete that person ..

Until anyone steps on our toe then YES ,people will hear us but if that never came up why talk about issues not pertaining to shatta movement .. It’s serious movement 4 LYF my g !

Smartest movement 4LYF
Smartest man 4 LYF
Smartest money making 4 LYF
Smartest members 4 LYF
Good morning !!!


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