Return my virginity before we divorce – Woman tells husband in court


A married woman has openly told a court that the only condition which will compel to agree to a divorce her husband is seeking will be if the man restores her virginity he broke while they were dating.

28-year-old Suliat is praying the court to ensure that her husband Lateef returns her virginity and health if he wants their marriage to be dissolved.

The plaintiff petition a Customary court to seek the dissolution of their marriage on grounds that the woman constantly brought him shame and embarrassment.

He alleged that Suliat was always in the habit of picking a fight with him in public.

However, at the hearing of the divorce last Friday, Suliat told the court that she would agree to the dissolution of their marriage only if Lateef returns her virginity and good health, as it was two years ago before the union.

Suliat accused Lateef of using charm on her to get married to him. According to her, while she was still a single lady, she went to Lateef for spiritual help for her business. Lateef promised to help her and asked her to bring him some of her pubic her as well as have sex with him. According to Suliat, she gave in to his request and that was how she found herself married to Lateef.

Suliat told the court that she experienced financial increase in her business after she got married to Lateef but that her health began to deteriorate later on. She demanded for her health and virginity to be restored before Lateef can leave her.




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