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Poet Nazir’s Last Words For The Late Ebony Will Drive You In Tears

Ebony is laid to rest today and the whole world is mourning. Ebony lived a life choicefully and the life she lived was indeed memorable. The delicate quality of her music thrills us deep in our hearts. Others showed her love when she lived but now they love her..

Poet Nazir Spends this day with his last words to her, on Facebook. You will drive yourself in tears..

Now we live
Once we lived
Our memories would stand for our vessels
While our soul faces the judgment of our creator
While on earth, people never understood your existence
But now, the same people are praising your past which was negative to them
We may want to earn a better life but blaming won’t solve the problem
I feel deep within me pain and disappointment
But my eye couldn’t share the amount of tears my heart wanted
I wish you were alive to hold me back
Somebody tell Ebony to come back, I wanna hold her hand again
My dreams have less smiles ever since my ears ? heard about your disappearance
And my words aren’t enough to explain what my heart feels
Rest in peace Ebony, we will love you even at death
Now no one would ever see you again, but you will forever reign in us, generation to generation
My prayers is your lips get the power to answer correctly every question He asks you
Not been judged about your looks but the perfection of your heart
I share this with you and everyone
Rest in Peace Ebony.. ?????

We all bid her farewell and success her journey. May God have mercy on her and us all. Ebony will forever reign in our heart…



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