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I woke up early morning to the calling of my mom. She was like “Someone wanna see you…”. i was nervous but i had to because it was strange, I wasnt expecting any visitor either. I left to the hall with my night wear only to find a well built man relaxing on the couch. i was unaware of what was really about to happen. I welcomed him and had my seat a little distance from him. I begun to loose myself when i was instructed to serve him a glass of wine. That reminded me of what Abena, a bosom friend once told me about her past marriage with Ekow. My mom sighed to me severally to restore my facial that i woke with. Nevertheless, i couldn’t because i knew how and what was going to happen in the end. My mom called me before this young man and had an icy introduction

NAME: Jack Mensah 
AGE: 34 
CITY: Accra 
INTEREST: Football, Business, Sex Spar, Gambling etc

NAME: Roseline Dankwa 
AGE: 28 CITY: Kumasi EDU.BACKGROUND: Level 200 OCCUPATION: Student 
NETWORTH: Mom’ Account 
INTEREST: Studying, Social Media Addicted etc

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After the introduction, i was still blind of the reason for that urgent meeting, so i asked. Tears trinkled down my eyes after he was pronounced as my fiance. I couldn’t accept to a yes/no because i knew a little mistake from me can invite my mother’s tears. I kept mute till Jack left. I did question her on her decision for the right man for me. Since her reason wasn’t qualified for my understanding, i walked out on her into my room. Exactly three weeks and a day, the wedding was fixed to first Sunday of the next month. I know everybody was ok with that celebration but deep inside my heart was filled with utmost mourn. I intensionally accepted my fate and willing to nurture his love in me only if our heart were compatible to each other. He did promise to make me on top of his world for my happiness. This promise wiped my thoughts for his dislike and believed his words. I tend to trust the saying ‘Promises have no legs for standing…’ i became a burden on him with time. Everything he said was wrong and the way we started and planned to move things, it went wayward. The little misharp brings about a beating.

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 All things that happened begun after the first sex. I saw he wasn’t satisfied because it was my first time too. But i decided to upgrade myself until he took his own decision to force me even if i was not in the mood. No one was ever ready to get me out of thiks violence, not my mother, nobody. Unfortunetely one sunday morning while taking out some clothes to get them washed, i found a pistol wrapped in his vest which has a blood sample splitted on the front side. My heart melt to the max so i dropped it back. Thenceforth, i was alert in fear. My mom won’t believe me. Everything got worse when he realised i had seen his secrete. ANd that was the same night i saw in the news about GCB in Accra have been robbed. That night i was like a refugee. He warned me to keep mute or he kills me. Upon all the threat and beating, he was a bank robber. I boldly confronted my mom with the issue but she said it was a plot. None of my words were taken. So i left. To all the struggles, baeting, violence and hardships, my mother never knew about them. She just gave me out. How would she know if her emotions cared about my sexual and marrital freedom. I blamed her for everything that happened to me. I really wished she was present. My dreams came true for this when my mom paid us a surprised visit in a sunny day. He was on me with a waist belt “whip!! whip!! whip!!!!!!….”. She dropped uncontrollable tears and helped me pack all my tools to go back home. Within few minutes, we were done and left. 

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A week after, Jack was arrested while trying to bang into another bank. This felt as an advice to all single and double parent(s) to always respect the sole desire of their daughters and forget about the outgone so-called traditions. At the end of the toil, no parent get affected but the child. And when there is any unwanted pregnancy, the would always leave the lady to survive her own struggles.Who is to blame here? This is specially made to help STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN!! 

Stand up

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