One on one interview with eShun

Afrifa Emmanuel of got time to interview VGMA unsug nominee eShun. The following is what transpired between us

Afrifa: How did you begin your career as a recording artist?

eShun: It started one and half years ago when I got to meet, Stephen Mensah, the Head of my team. I knew him but not professionally until after I came back from Nigeria Glo X-Factor competition where I placed 1st Runner up. I talked to him about learning to be a radio presenter, since he was into Radio, but he’d rather have me concentrate on singing first. I couldn’t agree more; so that’s how it started. And I must add it has been great journey so far! I went through about two reality shows which had given me enough prep: TV3 Mentor and MTN Project Fame 3rd Runner Up respectively. I was using Ethel at the time.

Afrifa: How would you describe your type of music?

eShun: I do Hi-life and Urban Afro pop with a spark of Soul. You got to hear me my soul to understand the soul feel in my tunes. Do visit my sound portal on to get my tunes so you can understand my genre of music. or

Afrifa: What do you normally talk about in your music?

eShun: In my songs I make sure I am being real; its shows even in my singing, I talk about my experiences, Life and everything we can relate to as human beings. I talk about how proud I am to be an African and inspire others to never give up. I do music for the ears and mind! So it should inspire you to do and be better after listening to me!

Afrifa: What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in your career?

eShun: Being a creative person is a challenge in itself so being a musician and creating/recording new songs/music and getting people to become fans is always a daunting task. Fortunately, I have crossed that challenge. My challenge now is with getting the traditional outlets, i.e. Radio and Television stations, to play my songs and videos. And that seems to be a major problem. Because what it is really is that at the third listening of my songs, you become a fan.  We are beginning to jump that problem because more people are loving my sound and invariably forcing the radio and television stations to play my material. Getting features with the Ghanaian Established Artiste is no child’s play. They will be playing hard to get and some will be asking you to pay some ridicules amount like GHS 20,000. So yea, that are some of the challenges but me and my team are finding our way around all of those challenges.

Afrifa: Where do you get your inspiration from?

eShun: For me, there’s so many things that inspires me to write my songs. Different photos, sceneries, quotes, and life-experiences make me just want to write and write. Life and basically everything I see and hear in my day-to-day errands inspires me. I draw inspiration from God and I believe I am on a journey to do Greater stuff other artists haven’t yet been able to do. I am inspired by the fact that I am on a course to make Africa proud; that is an inspiration for me!

Afrifa: What are you working on at the moment?

eShun: I am working on three New Music videos; New Songs to release hopefully Next Months; features with many great Artists such as MI, Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy, Diamond Platinum, Patoranking, Cabum, 4X4, just to mention but a few. I am working on my Gift Album which we plan to release in the second quarter of 2017. Am practicing, rehearsing and making sure I am better with each rise of the notes. My tag line is becoming Africa’s Next Biggest Music brand and that is no joke so this New Girl eShun is squeezing every little drop of sweat to make it happen “Tomorrow”!

Afrifa: What do you hope to achieve through your career?

eShun: This year 2nd and 3rd June along with some partners I began my eShun Health care project, which saw close to a thousand people get free quality health care at Aminsano Cape Coast in the Central region of Ghana, this is something I want to continue doing, so my music doesn’t only inspire minds and hearts but does actually impact the lives of people physically. Currently I am giving tips to people all over Africa especially ladies on how to prevent Breast Cancer. My general intent is to make sure Africans and everyone that loves and listens to me live longer and healthier. We are all servants and at the end of my stay on earth I hope to have served well. I believe I have the best Voice in Africa and I want that voice to inspire minds and hearts of Africans in particular and the world at large. I want to my brand known and loved by about 50% of Africans by the 7th years in my music career. I hope to be among the first 2 most known and sort after Music Brands in Africa and among the 5 top Music Brands in the World. I want to be the voice of Africa so help me God!

Afrifa: What does the future hold for you?

eShun: Whenever I think of the future, I get excited and more focused. I strongly believe the future is really bright for me as a Music Artist. The music industry in Ghana has evolved exponentially from its modest roots.  Now when you have the right ideas and well set-out goals, your music can be heard World-Wide. Technology is making that possible. I and my team are taking complete advantage of technology to get my music to be heard and subsequently loved by all. I want to tour the world with my music! I trust that with God in the mix, there is a bright future for me. I can’t wait to say hello to that future.

Afrifa: What advice would you give to upcoming artists reading this?

eShun: To upcoming artists I will say, note that each time you delay or say, “Oh I don’t think I can do this now” – You shut your talent and deny someone’s livelihood. Your success is what employs someone and secure his or her daily bread.  It won’t be easy but that is the reason why you were given the needed strength to make it; Be Selfless, Ready to listen to criticizes, Have a Team that will tell you the truth no matter how unpleasant, Be ready to Serve and most of all Never give up, Put the #Meye Spirit up all the way to the top. See you at the top!

Afrifa: A message to your fans?

eShun: I am grateful to everyone who loves and believes in me. God bless the head of my team, Stephen Mensah, Team eShun, Family, Friends and all my Fans in Africa and the world at large. Thank you Afrifa for engaging me. #iVote4Peace


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