Official Date for Asante Akyim Entertainment Awards Released

The P.R.O FOCUS MEDIA, Mr. Sydney Nii Tetteh Jingles  has disclose the date for Asante  Akyem Entertainment Awards .
Speaking to, he said there were so many people who wanted to know the exact date of the event. Management decided to go on mute concerning the date due to the underground process management were working on.
According to him , the event will be on the 28th December, 2018. Which is Friday. They chose friday because it is a Christmas holiday and this will enable workers to also participate and have fun as well.
He added, Management are working so hard to make this year’s event a memorable one..” expect nothing but the best this time ” he said.  He also urges Ghanaians to support Asante Akyem Entertainment Awards so as to help make it happen.


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