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     Nii Legon born Abdul Rashid Nii Armah Tagoe is a fast rising Ghanaian  upcoming artist and a professional dancer,He found his passion music through his dance 7years ago when he realised he could sing to entertain a lot of people. Nii has been mentored by so many people within his community and beyond  due to his dance and musical talent, also sociable to both Adults and child.
      Nii the 25years old was born in Labadi and at the age of 10 he moved with his family
to live in their family House in Bukom where he started his dancing and later came his musical talent, to him music his more than a call to glory and aims to capture the hearts and minds of Ghanaian, Africans and the world as a whole. He currently under the management of Snipe City Entertainment and Awor Family as his crew.
    Nii made his debut with his first hit track titled “Awor” which means asleep and it made the likes of many TV stations. He also have made appearances by many Entertainment platforms which includes Bullhaus entertainment’s battle for peace, Nii Funny and friends, Shatta wale live in Shatta beach and many more,Also with his dance career He won the recent
Tema Vrs Accra dance competition which was organised by Adom fm and also took part in the Bornstars entertainment show organized by viasat 1.
     Nii legon is been inspired by many main stream Artist which includes the likes of Shatta wale, Luther, Slim buster and Dj Arafat from Ivory Coast. He and his team promises to give you nothing but the best of music.


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