[New post] Time with Eddie Nartey on Films in Ghana at Zylofon Media

Since the emergence of Zylofon Media with its acquisition of the Ghana Movie Awards franchise a move which has set wondering minds to wonder the more. To the film addicts to wonder the more of what other stuff the media house has in it sack of surprise.

So to avoid speculating, I made the obvious move by dashing off to it premises to dig more on films. Having gone through the processes and waited patiently I was ushered into the office of Eddie Nartey with the assurance that all my curiosity on films will be met.

I folded my sleeves and threw as many cannon balls of questions as I can and they were answered. On what are we to expect from Zylofon Media in relation to films in Ghana?

Mr. Nartey made it known, the media house has already signed class of actors and actresses alongside many others are being trained for it up and coming film projects. There has been a stakeholder meeting with guidelines outlined with funds to be made available to movie makers.

At the center of our chat was film distribution in Ghana. Mr. Nartey explained that there is an online platform and an App currently under development, when it done more people will have access to Ghana films through these medium.

Then came the issue of Zylofon Ghana Movie Awards; here again it was made clear that more is more being done behind the scene to make clean the awards of its past controversies. So Ghanaians should be looking forward to a much better movie awards.

What I have done here is to scratch the surface and whet your appetite of what to expect from this giant media house as a pathfinder in the Ghana film industry. What is left of Sharparrows? Except to dismount my mini-kettle, boiling with tea and pour to fill the glass- you are invited anyway- See yah


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