Nanakay(Blaqstreetboi) talks about self, his music career and hints us with zambian collaborations he’s working on.

Blaqstreet concept act and 1family radio freestyle rap battle king Nana Kay took time to conversate with
He tolds about his life, background and music career.
Enjoy the  conversation.

Kwabena Asante Asare: Tell me,  who is nana kay?

Nana Kay: Nanakay(Blaqstreetboi) is a Ghanaian uprising hiphop/Rap  Emcee whos been struggling underground for seven years in Our Music industry
With determination we right to the top

Kwabena Asante Asare: Seven years is quite a long
How did you get into music?

Nana Kay: I got into music by listening to 2pac and Notorious BiG,Jcole and also my elderly brother used to Rap so it also inspired me a lot. I used to gather around friends after school for rap freestyle since then made me feel way better to be more than them

Kwabena Asante Asare: I guess blaqstreet isn’t the name your parents gave you. What’s the hidden name and where you from? Can you tell us a little about your background and life?

Nana Kay: Yeah bro
Blaqstreet isnt my name indeed
Am Elvis Nana Yeboah
I came about that name just for my family and fans to have that intention about a Blaqstreetboi (black street boy)
I grew up with my dad at our hometown AsaFo Akyem (Eastern Region)
Where i started rapping buh later on i had to come to Accra to stay with mummy when i completed class 5…
Cos dad passed out . So sad bro

Kwabena Asante Asare: Sorry to hear that
My condolence. Let’s get to music.
How many projects do you have so far ?

Nana Kay: I have more working on projects buh for now am with 10 projects done

Kwabena Asante Asare: Ok tell us about it

Nana Kay: Its a wild project written with love..pains and life time issues
Born to Bar Ep project

Kwabena Asante Asare: Ok
I heard you’ve been murdering people in battles. How true is that?

Nana Kay: Yeah i wouldn’t nt brag here i think my fans and i can verify with my youtube link live at 1family radio when i murdered 4 rappers and got crowned (

Kwabena Asante Asare: So you’re nana kay the murderer

Nana Kay: Yhh i was born to win

Kwabena Asante Asare: So what should we expect from you this 2017?

Nana Kay: My Ghana Zambia international collaboration.  Am featuring two 2 different top zambia artists and its hot yall need to expect anything classy
Am featuring Tatiana ABOUT LIFE
AM FEAturing BOMShell on my Devil Freestyle Remix. cant wait my self….

Kwabena Asante Asare: Nice
Before we need the conversation any message to your fans?

Nana Kay: All i wanna tell them is to keep supporting and i will never let them down..
We nuh give up nor sell out
Everything we do or leave undone makes a difference in the world and since every youth is a star…
Smartness and skills doesn’t guarantee success favour does.

Kwabena Asante Asare: Thanks for your time

Instagram: @Blaqstreetboi

Facebook: Blaqstreetboi nana Yeboah

Twitter : @nanakay_africa


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