Stop producing demo tracks as masters…..AGee warns The up and coming sound engineers Now the story line

Ghana tunes are nowadays sounding bad to the foreign countries for the fact that the up and coming sound engineers are really carrying out bad sounds for the bloggers to sell Ghana Music Industry wayward even if the leaders are not cooperating let’s remember the Ghana Music Industry tomorrow becomes theirs Ghana must not think only today but tomorrow matters. The way the leaders held it up to date is not the same way the up and coming sound engineers are holding, therefore Ghana must rise like the way the Nigerians are moving with theirs. This is really helping them get links with the foreign artists and that’s the same way Ghana Music must do, our main street Sarkodie is doing great but the links are less to push him towards the foreign artists and to the young ones because our sounds are not good enough to make Ghana boast of so as I said it should be on point,we don’t seize you from working but please be matured in it before work begins,so we can form a very good sound engineers association thank you.


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