[Showbiz] Jay Zain is set to drop a new banger title HERNIA(Tuwok3) (Prod by Gachios Beatz)

Jay Zain is set to release a new hit track called,, hernia, Jay Zain or small meiway, a musician form half assini, western nzemaland, who has been in the Music Industry for pass years,not too long ago, he released two hits tracks ebutuwan ebutuwan ft 4mula and agoogowa which torches the heart of many Ghanaian and also especially fans from western nzemaland. Jay Zain promised his fans to take nzema music, song to the world wild become the second of meiway and kermiyewo. He is back again with another hit track called hernia which locally means in nzema language tuwok3. Get ready with your dancing shoes for the hit track

And the song is all about don’t laugh at your friends sickness cuz   you  can also feel sick which can lead you to death so if you see your brothers and sisters sickness please don’t laugh at them cuz one day it could be your turn



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