Men are complicated, undecided in relationships – Female artistes reveal

Signees of highly spiritual and Black Avenue Muzik have shared their dating experience concluding that men are more complicated than women in a relationship.

According to Rashelle Blue and S3fa, men are just not complicated, but their inability to make definite decisions in a relationship could make hamper the growth of the relationship.

They were speaking with MzGee on Gee Spot on Joy Prime when they joined her to discuss ‘Who are more complicated; Men or Women’?

“Men do not know what they want. They even change girls all the time. Men make us feel like we are doing something wrong, when they are making us do it” S3fa opined.

Responding to OAP, Kwame Bee and actor Peter Ritchie’s who have argued that men lie to save their relationship Rashelle Blue laments the unfair categorization and stereotyping that gives men an advantage in a relationship.

“They were saying something about I lied because…if a women comes with such an excuse as to why she is lying, he is not going to accept it but the other way around is allowed…it doesn’t make sense,” Rashelle said.

Gee Spot hosted by MzGee airs on Saturdays at 6.30 pm on JoyPrime channel on the MultiTV.



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