Mad rush for NPP branded Dry Gin

Npp branded vodka
Local businessmen in Kumasi are already profiting from the
political victory of the New Patriotic Party as locally made dry
gin branded in NPP colours have become the toast of
consumers of alcoholic beverages.
Most patronized alcohol beverage in Kumasi now with barely
twenty four hours to inauguration of Nana Akufo Addo as
president of Ghana is the NPP Victory Vodka imported from
Ukraine with alcoholic content of about 38%.
Speaking in an interview, importer of the brand, Kwesi Marfo,
popularly known with the Bantama surroundings as
Chairman, explained a forty footer container load of the
beverage is already on the market for sale.
Chairman observes, patronage of the product had been very
low due to absence of publicity on the product. He however
said business has been flourishing in the last one week as
more customers prefer the NPP Victory Vodka.
“Right after the elections sales was very poor. But now people
are calling me from various parts of the country for delivery.
I think they have tasted the Victory Vodka and like it. I am
importing several containers because the victory party will
continue into the middle of the year”, he added. 


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