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[Lyrics] Shatta Wale – Oh Ghana


Shatta Wale
I just do somethig make the people’lem see hey
Me I believe hey
As i start this thing people say i no go make am
But now see me oo, see me oo, see me ooo


Shatta Wale
I know say i shock you but i no be electricity to give you power
E jw3ni me nshw3, as i say i go climb that lather
Charlie ask my father, ask my mother who be shatta
Me i was born in music oo, brother yaa cha oh gutter


Shatta Wale
Oh Ghana, oh Ghana when you go kai bandana
Oh Ghana, oh Ghana, you no dey see say i be surviver
Oh Ghana, oh Ghana see dem bor as i meet Nana
Oh Ghana, oh Ghana so if i diss i make mistake anaa, NO!


Shatta Wale
Dem dey laugh me those days when i start my thing
Dem say i no dey respect ooo so i no go win BET
Shatta no be humble, ibi so you dey talk yooo
If i be you i go go listen taking over and ayoo
What you dey talk no go hold water
I still go dey be badman shatta
Same youth wey you know from the gutter
Just become your

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