Low-Key Celebs: Ghanaian celebrities who have lost their shine

Many of these celebrities have tried to make a comeback, but they are not actually accomplishing anything significant for the industry.

When a celebrity hasn’t starred in an award-winning TV show or movie for a while, or produced any good music, Ghanaians tend to forget about that celeb.
Even if the famous person tries to make a comeback, many entertainment bloggers would say that that star is only hanging around, but not actually accomplishing anything significant for the industry.
Of course it can be very difficult for a celebrity who was once an A-lister to come to the realisation that they are not as famous as before. Many are therefore forced to do some crazy things just to get attention from the entertainment industry and former fans. But the thing is: they are just not going to make it like they used to.

Asem jumped onl the music scene in 2007 with his famous hit track “Give Me Blow” produced by Richie of Lynx Entertainment. His style of rap was so appealing that he got the attention of many young people in the country and featured on many songs. However, his fame came to an abrupt end shortly after his controversial rape saga. He has since tried a comeback but it seems not to be working.

Irene Logan
Her first major hit single was “Runaway” which featured Asem. She had before then won the maiden edition of “Stars of the Future” and recorded a joint album with second runner-up, Jane (now Efya). But after leaving Lynx Entertainment, Irene does not appear to be doing so well as her colleague, Efya in the music scene.

Eugene (Choirmaster)
Following the breakup of the group, Praye some four years ago, the leader and most visible member of the group Eugene Baah Boadu aka Choirmaster has struggled as a solo artiste. He released songs like “Pull Him Down”, “Ghana’s Most Beautiful” and has also tried a couple of unsuccessful collaborations.

The ‘Makola kwakwe’ hitmaker was a trailblazer in his day with his stunning litany of songs and mastery of the stage. Then followed the dark days of anonymity.He has tried to stay relevant with a couple of decent songs but it is all too obvious his best days are behind him.

Tic Tac
The original boy wonder of Ghanaian hip hop. It seemed every song the Labone Sec alumni dropped was a chart topper. His unwillingness to adapt to the new generation has seen him fade into near obscurity

The biggest music star in this country of the last decade has had a pretty tough couple of years. The emergence of several talents in the dancehall genre scene has affected his shine and where he was once the undisputed king of Ghanaian music, he is now part of the general population.

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