Loud In UEW Lights Up Winneba Campus With Their Bloggers & Influencers Link Up Party

University Of Education, Winneba Campus experienced a shake down as Media Group, Loud In UEW most anticipated party, “Influencers And Bloggers Link Up Party” happened last Sunday. The party which happened at Network Shark in Winneba saw around four hundred media networks and creatives of the school under one roof.

The organizers of the event hinted that the party was an initiation to bring together bloggers, media influencers, content creators and all round media personnel under an umbrella that will enable them ply their trade better, support each other, and more importantly sell their school, University of Education media wise.

They also cited that most of their sister universities are way ahead of them so far as social media is concerned because most of their student bloggers and media influencers are united, hence there was the need to get together bloggers and creatives in the University of EducationWinneba to work collectively to up their social media game.

The event saw student bloggers, content creators, media influencers, radio presenters, actors, directors, musicians, and other media personalities of the university to party, get to know each other and see the way forward to propel the agendum of projecting media presence of students in the media world.

Watch snippet of the event from below.


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