Kwaw Kese and Fennec Okyere stabbed MUSIGA in the back – Obuor

The President of the Musicians Association of Ghana (MUSIGHA), Bice Osei Kufuor also known on stage as Obuor, has claimed that, Kwaw Kese and his former manager, the late Fernec Okyere stabbed MUSIGHA in the back by going to register the Ghana Music Week in their name after being invited to a meeting where the event was first discussed.

The MUSIGHA President was being interviewed by Andy Dosty, the host of Hitz FM’s Hitz Daybreak Show on April 10, 2019 edition and in answering why Kwaw Kese and his late manager were seriously battling with MUSIGHA over the ownership of the event. Obuor explained that the boss of Mad Time Entertainment, Kwaw Kese and his manager at the time, the late Fernec Okyere, together with other musicians were invited to a Ghana Music Week Committee meeting by MUSIGHA where the idea of Ghana Music Week was explained to them as an event MUSIGHA wants to introduce.

According to Obuor, Fernec in a discussion with him after that meeting disclosed to him that some of the participants in the meeting gave him the impression that the event can be a private business like the VGMA because the VGMA also started with the union.

Obuor continued that Fernec further revealed that he either wanted to prevent a repeat of the VGMA or he, Fernec, wanted to be the smartest guy in the meeting, hence, headed to the Registrar-Generals Department to check whether the Ghana Music Week had been registered but found it hadn’t, therefore he registered it to prevent other smart people from doing so.

Fernec and Kwaw later claimed to be the owners of the event when it was time for MUSIGHA to roll it out, hence, MUSIGHA needed to speak with them before they can continue with the program which MUSIGHA didn’t oblige.

The “Konkontibaa” hitmaker explained that the event had already taken place before they went to register hence by law made the event the intellectual property of MUSIGHA and therefore needed no permission Fernec and Kwaw Kese before undertaking it.

He therefore asserted that they’ve still not registered it as MUSIGHA needs not to because it’s their brand.




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