Kingfiat ft Benji X Yayra – Bɔhyɛ (Promise) (Prod by Dr.Ray)

Full Name: Richard Komla Fiaty.

Showbiz Name: Kingfiat.

Track: Bɔhyɛ (Promise)

Being a French & English teacher, and a lover of languages, He displayed that dexterity in the song by switching between Twi, French, and English languages.

Bɔhyɛ exposes the infidelity and disappointments we all experience in love relationships, in the first part.

It however encourages lovers to love well and keep to their love promises. It also intends to console anyone whose heart is broken, and also make them to keep on loving, but never to give up on love.

Bɔhyɛ preaches forgiveness, fidelity, and honesty in love relationship. Don’t promise what you cannot provide.

Love is a beautiful experience, when you are loving the right person. But it can be a slippery ground when you unfortunately fall for the wrong person.

It’s however not strange to be hurt in love. We have to learn from our bad experiences to do it right, next time.

Bɔhyɛ resonates with a lot of lovers, including me.  Whoever has never been hurt in love before, clearly has never loved before. But “never give up on love!”

Kingfiat ft Benji X Yayra – Bɔhyɛ (Promise) (Prod by Dr.Ray)


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