‘Juju’ is not the secret to success in music, God is – Joyce Blessing

Gospel singer Joyce Blessing completely disagrees with the school of thought that a person can utilise ‘juju’ to become successful in music.

According to the singer, the best guarantee of success in the showbiz game is by being devoted to Almighty God and not any lesser god.

As we all know, it’s pretty much accepted in our part of the world that black magic works in anything you decide to utilise it in, be it sports or the arts or in any other vein of life.

But Blessing does not hold those views and believes trying that to improve your career would not work.

“Music is not about Juju” Blessing said during an interview.

“…You need to pray, read the Bible, fast and also work hard”. she added.

In short – African supernatural stuff doesn’t work, but the Jewish supernatural stuff works pretty well.



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