It’s up to artistes to extend their relevance, not media – 3Music boss

An artiste is largely responsible for how far he or she goes in the music industry, that is according to the CEO of 3Music, Sadiq Abdulai Abu.

Speaking on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, Mr Abdulai Abu stated, the trick for artistes to staying relevant is how effectively they manage their relationship with people in the media and the showbiz fraternity.

“The problem with some of them is, when they hit their prime, it is their efforts but when they step into their twilight, everybody else is supposed to be blamed but themselves,” he told Andy Dosty, host of the show.

He stated few artistes are willing to maintain relationships with the media when in their prime.

His comments come after backlogs of complaints from some artistes and industry players on how the media hardly push works of artistes.

Entertainment critic, Mr Logic is one of such persons who alleged that lack of media support is responsible for some artistes’ absence in the industry including Bisa Kdei.

According to him, some industry players like to push and/or create stories about artistes that may affect their career negatively.

However, Mr Abdulai Abu said musicians have the power to control the narratives pushed on them.

Controlling and maintaining a narrative an artiste prefers, he explained, is something that requires gathering insights and understanding the trade well.

“Artistes should be willing to take charge of their situation and put in the extra work. It also is about the people they keep on their team,” he explained.

Mr Abdulai Abu urged musicians to get competent people willing to work well with the industry players to push their ambitions.

Citing Kelvyn Boy’s manager Blakk Cedi as an example, Sadiq stated many industry players showed up at the artiste’s private album listening because of their trust, respect and relationship with his manager.

He said an artiste putting in the extra effort does not require them paying the media but having a competent team like Blakk Cedi and Lynx Entertainment’s boss, Richie, to drive their works is the most important.

“Music industries across the world rely heavily on fresh blood, hence, it is up to artistes to work hard to extend their relevance beyond their prime days,” he said.

He added: “You have to keep fighting when you get somewhere no one likes you. That is also an opportunity to not only work hard but probably rebrand.”

The media and every industry individual have aims, work to manage and their lives to live. Hence, it is not safe to assume they would always have artistes in mind, Sadiq stated

“The responsibility as to how far you go or push ambitions to the media, depends on you and your team,” he added.




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