Its gamed, let him bring himself- King Quest

After the release of E.O- Ahye Obi (Quest Diss). King Quest gave an exclusive gist.

He said “I saw my brother post some silly cover art after i released my True talk. The fact is i expressed my feelings on the track because i felt and everybody knows that i was robbed of my title that faithful night the program took place.

After i was told by my fans that i have been dissed by this rapper i decided not to reply because when u say Quest diss its not me “cus ” i not Quest without the King, lol but i want to let you and the whole world know that if he have indeed replied me with a diss song with my pic on the cover then its gamed.

I edge you all to give me a little time because i wont let sleeping dogs lie on this one. I will surely reply him sooner than he thinks so he should prepare”.

He continued “I’m actually in the studios recording a reply song to him titled kwasea Banku. Give me about 2hours or 3 and you will hear from me soon


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