I’ll beat GHAMRO leaders who attempt to collect royalties from me – Kumchacha

I’ll beat GHAMRO leaders who attempt to collect royalties from me – Kumchacha

Leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministry Nicholas Osei popularly called Prophet ‘Kumchacha’ has issued a stern warning to the leadership of the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) not to step foot in his church to collect royalties.

He warned that he and his congregation will ‘beat’ to pulp any GHAMRO executives who dares enter his church to collect royalties.

GHAMRO has disclosed its readiness to collect royalties from the various churches in the country.

But speaking on Abusua Drive hosted by Ike-da-Unpredictable, Prophet ‘Kumchacha’ said he will not ‘spare’ any GHAMRO leaders who will demand royalties from him.

According to him, he pays musicians who perform in his church during programmes and does not see the need to pay additional royalties.

He prophesied doom for initiators of the royalties collection, saying they would be struck down by God just like Ananias in the Bible.

‘Me, Prophet Kumchacha, I have told other pastors not to pay the royalties and I have also told musicians not to agree to this move. God killed Ananias due to greediness, so if the initiator of the royalties do not rescind his/her decision, he will be killed just like God killed Ananias in Acts 5. The GHAMRO initiative I must say is a wrong one. I pay as much as GH¢4,000-GH¢5,000 to musicians whenever I organise programmes in my church, so why must I pay additional royalties. Its greediness on the part of GHAMRO executives to collect royalties from churches,’ he fumed.

According to him, majority of gospel musicians have remixed old songs belonging to churches such as Presbyterian, Methodist, Anglican and Pentecost but none have been sued.

He questioned if God’s ministry will develop if these churches gang up to collect royalties from these musicians for ‘stealing’ their songs.

‘Majority of our gospel singers have remixed old songs belonging to churches like Methodist, Anglican, Presbyterian and other churches. What would become of God’s work if these old churches decide to collect royalties from these singers?. Have you seen anybody suing another singer for making a remix of his/her gospel song?. Because they sing to glory God, to promote the work of God. Everybody will kick against your move, if you dare embark on any legal battle. But musicians are sued on daily basis for stealing circular songs. GHAMRO executives should never approach me for royalties, we will beat them to pulp if they come to my church to collect royalties,’ he warned.

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