I Will Rather Die Than Pray That The P*g Gains Cleanliness..Live A Descent Life – Poet Nazir Slams Back At Shatta Wale

Recently, there have been a blog on this website about Poet Nazir, Lost Heart Spoken Word Poetry hit maker and legendary Shatta Wale of ShattaMovement record label. ShataGhana can’t think far what is really going on between the poet and Shatta Wale. Earlier on his Instagram post, Poet Nazir slammed Shatta Wale that he cannot love Shatta but doesn’t hate him likewise. To scrutinize this statement, there is really strong objection in this.

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How far has Poet Nazir know Shatta Wale? Doesn’t he know he has won countless awards on his music and is making a lot of money on it??? Maybe something pushing it harder. Shatta Wale did he needs prayers to buy a private Jet. Damn!! This got on my poet’s nerves.

He shared on his Facebook page….

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I thought you Shatta Wale already had a private jet????? I will rather die than pray that the p*g gains cleanliness.. Live a descent life…Things will work out smh?

There is no point of argument that, the statement is indirectly referring to his highness, the acclaimed Dancehall King in Ghana.

It won’t be of any wonder if he records a spoken word dissing Shatta, but how far will Shatta Wale take this??? And Gombilla the Poet too, One of Poet Nazir’s mentors and Shatta Wale’s die hard fan. This fire gonna quench so easily????? Poet Nazir won’t see that Coming yet.

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We will keep you updated if anything pos up between the two great talents


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  1. some people need attention that is y they are hating the champion Shatta wale
    you don’t know how man chop then do road
    wi ago gi yuh fame if yuh want it

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