I was nearly beating by someone’s boyfriend- Bless reveals

After series of interviews granted to the STB House Entertainment signee Bless on his second come back song Chocho Mucho that got many waves playing his marvelous tune, the artist has been reluctant to reveal the main inspiration that made him to write the song which is now one of the “craziest” in mean the dopest high life song reigning now.


Bless was always constantly denying writing his song out of personal experience. And we at shataghana.com took to ourselves to uncover the truth.

On the 18th of July 2018, From the horse’s own mouth at Hitz FM later in the evening on a show hosted by doctor Pounds. The STB House signee Bless after constant question by the host on if he he have had any personal experience to the song he wrote, He went all out to say and I quote ” I nearly got myself into such situation some time ago” and later tried to said but its not the reason why he wrote the song but we at shataghana.com knows that was the real inspiration that pushed him to write such a song.

Follow this link to watch the full interview


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