I want to take a picture with Patapaa – Sonnie Badu

Contrary to reports that suggest that gospel artiste Sonnie Badu had condemned ‘One Corner’ hitmaker Patapaa, the former states that his comment was misinterpreted.
The UK-based Ghanaian musician had earlier criticised the ‘One Corner’ craze that had ‘infested’ many Ghanaians.
‘One Corner’ became a nationwide hit with a seemingly gyrating accompanying dance which a number of people have described as demonic.

The song transcended the borders of Ghana with reports that it had gained prominence in Nigeria, U.S and the U.K.
Social media descended heavily on Sonnie Badu when he tried warning Ghanaians against embracing the craze

But in an interview with JoyNews’ Becky, after adopting 65 children from the Chosen Generation Orphanage in Accra, the ‘Baba’ hitmaker stressed that his statement had been misconstrued.
“A couple of people took me out of context. I listened to the song and there was nothing bad with the song. But what people were making out of the song was what the problem was,” he explained.
Sonnie Badu clarified that he had not intended to condemn the song or Patapaa but rather the life-risking dance that accompanied the song.
“People go under the gutter and do strange stuff. You listen to the song and it talks about red, go, green, traffic light, stop, which there is nothing wrong. You’ll just listen and laugh,” the singer said.
The award-winning musician, who encouraged Patapaa to work harder said that “Patapaa ‘koraa’ if I see him I will take a picture with him.”
He advised Patapaa to make ‘good money’ from his hit song and enjoy all the good things that come with being in the limelight.
Sonnie Badu on Tuesday made some donations to the Chosen Generation Orphanage in Accra where he adopted 65 children.
The musician intends to cater for the overall well-being of the children till they reach adulthood.

Source: Ghana | Myjoyonline.com | Maxwell Amoofia



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