I don’t own a house on social media, invite me properly the next time – Lilwin’s ex-manager

A once strong and healthy manager-artist relationship turned bitter somewhere in 2018.

As we witnessed, Boss Nation Music was boycotted by Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin after standing his ground about owning the record label.
In a short while, we heard the comic actor cum musician had parted ways with his Manager. The mode of separation was never laid bare to the public but subsequent incidents tell their relationship didn’t end on a good note.
It is rumored that Zack Gh, Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin’s ex-manager released the song ‘Ungrateful Being’ as a vivid description of Lilwin’s behavior. Funny enough, Lilwin released a short video of himself and the rest of Wezzy Empire jamming to the same music in his car immediately after its release. Was it to show the public he does not have any sort of problem with his ex-manager or he is never the subject of the song?

Another rumor has it that, Lilwin upon opening his school invited his ex-manager to the ceremony but he rubbished the invitation without hesitation. Recently, on a second occasion, the actor/ musician invited his ex-manager to his Dinner event but he did not honor that invitation too.
Ghana Music News took it upon itself to find out what is going on behind the scenes from Zack GH and this is what he said,
” The invitation lingered on Social media way before the time my manager, Okodie received it. Why did he choose to take the invitation to social media to invite us there. I am sorry to say this but I have no house on social media. If Lilwin wants to invite me to any of his events, he should do it the right way. He knows my house. I expect him to put some respect on my name!”

It is then clear that Zack GH got wind of and possibly saw the invitation card but deliberately made garbage of it. Is there anything these two are not telling us?
Zack GH feels all the invitations by Lilwin were just done to win the favor of the public but time will tell it all.
Listen to UNGRATEFUL below:


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