i.Con:This new Smart Condom will tell you how you performed in bed

Who said the smart wearable technology was going away any time soon? Oops! In your face.
The Apple Watch, Samsung Gear Watch brand and fitness bands might have taken over the market since wearable technology became a thing. However, it’s time to push over because the real big boss is in town. OK! Slow down. Not everyone of it will have to be big because not everyone is big. Oops did it again.
Ladies and gentlemen, mostly gentlemen, I present to you a SMART CONDOM dubbed the i.Con Smart Condom. Iconic, aint it?
Now, this is not a full condom like you’re used to. This is a ring that fits over your condom and wait for it … tracks your sex activity. Lol. There’s no hiding now, is there?
According to the inventors, the smart condom is in its final stages of testing (won’t we all love to be lab rats now) and is not yet available on the market but will be released for public use in 2017.
Here are all the things the i.Con which is set to cost in the region of 340 Ghana Cedis can record:
Calculate the total thrusts
Determine calories burnt during sexual intercourse
Frequency sessions
Total duration of sessions
Girth measurement
Speed of thrusts and average velocity of thrusts
Average skin temperature
Recording of positions used is current in BETA testing
These data recording will be kept anonymously but users can use to share the information with friends and other users across the globe.
Users will be able to anonymously compare and access stats to i.Con users worldwide.
Now if that’s not technology advancement, what is?
Credit: pulse.com.gh

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