Get to know Kwasi J and about Araba Hipsy track.

Justice Obeng Boateng popularly known as Kwasi J, Next Rated Act in Nigerian(UMA)Upcoming Music Awards winner told us “I will be Releasing 8 tracks and 2 videos this year not forgetting myTank U Track will drop very soon after Araba Hipsy takes place. Am Versatile and can do all kinds of Music including Dancehall…” Kwasi J also told us he has been nominated in the upcoming Nigerian(UMA)and Kumasi Merit ’17 Awards soon??. His final words was “Am Promising my Fans 5 Awards diz Year. After releasing Moko B3 Da Award Winning track, Araba Hipsy is Ma Next track which will hopefully take Awards????.
Araba Hipsy talks about flashy money girls,  who guys think all they no is Money , Dressing in flashy clothes n Demanding for expensive stuffs. There is a Saying that “all fingers ain’t da same” so as all females ain’t da same because Araba Hipsy only gives Kwasi Jay love, care and Happiness. All Hipsy Galz ain’t da same. “The whole song is about me loving Araba Hipsy” says Kwasi J
Facebook: Justice Obeng Boateng
Twitter: @kwasijgh
Instagram: @kwasijgh


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