GES frustrated over growing number of teachers changing their date of birth

The Ghana Education Service is not happy with the alarming rate at which teachers are requesting a change in their date of birth.
A statement by the GES indicates that over 800 teachers have applied for a change in their date of birth over the last few months.
“Management of the GES is perturbed over the unprecedented number of GES staff requesting for a change in their date of birth resulting in various movements from their stations to the district and regional education offices as well as the GES headquarters.
“To date, management has received and worked on over 800 applications on change of date of birth alone and this constitute a waste of quality time of management as it involves a great deal of scrutiny and referrals,” the statement signed by Director Jacob Kor said .
It stated that “Hence management has decided that every member of staff of the GES should adhere strictly to the guidelines as regards the correction of date of birth stipultade for implementation by the GES council.
“With immediate effect, correction of date of birth for GES staff has been suspended in the district, region and headquarters till further notice”.
Many believe that some teachers change their date of birth in order to delay their retirement since Ghanaian teachers retire at age 60.



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