Funeral called off after ‘dead’ man is spotted drinking in bar

A grave had been dug for a supposedly dead man in Western Kenya.
Mourners had arrived, and the burial was about to take place.
The man, Wilson Oluoch, had gone missing three weeks previously and when a decomposed male body was found in a sugar cane plantation, his family thought it was his.

According to a report by the UK Mirror, shortly before the funeral someone told the family that a man who looked like Wilson had been seen in a bar in nearby Rongo.

The family is said to have rushed to the bar only to find Oluoch drinking his sorrows away.
His relatives also visited the bar and found motorcycle taxi rider Wilson still there, not dead but dead drunk as he tried to drown his sorrows.
Oluoch explained that he had felt so ashamed after returning home drunk recently that he had planned to slip away and make a new life elsewhere.

His family and the rest of the village rejoiced that he had been found alive and turned plans for a wake into a celebration party.
However, elders of Oluoch’s Luo culture said that cleansing rituals would have to be carried out before he could be allowed back into the village.
The report added the body of the man thought to have been Oluoch was also returned to the local morgue.



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