Eno Barony Slams Feli Nuna Saying She Doesn’t Know The Genre Of Feli Nuna… Read More>>

Unlike the male rappers who mostly claim supremacy over their colleagues, that cannot be said about the female rappers especially in Ghana because of their scanty number. But looking at the recent happenings, Ghana will witness her ‘first’ lyrical war as rapper Eno Barony has said she’s the only certified female rapper in the country. This shouldn’t be a point to drag and cause arguments. Eno Barony have over the last years, proven to Ghana her rap skills with most of her hit songs not excluding Yaa Asantewaa her latest. In Yaa Asantewaa, she brought all bars to her finger tips and rapped her head off. But Feli Nuna though have also done her best for Ghana music but it seems only few knows about her in rap.

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Meanwhile, Feli Nuna somewhere 2017 in an interview with Zionfelix on Radio Univers in Accra stated categorically that she is the best female rapper in Ghana putting Eno Barony in the relegation zone.

In a new twist and turn of affairs, Eno Barony in a recent interview with Adomonline’s Dennis Adu on Adom FM’s ‘Kasahari Level’ last Saturday, reveled that fellow musician Feli Nuna is not a rapper! 

In the interview, the self professed Ghana’s best female rapper, Eno Barony, acknowledged the fact that Feli Nuna is the best in what she does but not in terms of rap.

“For me what I do is rap. I don’t know whether Feli Nuna is rapping or not so I don’t know”, Eno maintained.


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Eno Barony continued that she’s not impressed by Feli Nuna’s rapping style. Therefore, she should stick to the Afrobeat style. Does this mean Eno understands rap to the apex to the extend of knowing who is best at rap.  Well, we’ll keep you posted when Feli Nuna responds to these claims.


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