Dj Splash Rebrands Himself To Dj Maxta Prime

Rebranding is a tool available to any entity,individual or corporate, who really want to get out of a particular identity and move to a new one
It can be done at anytime whether you are doing well currently or not,and its mostly to signal a change which is expected to bring better result

In Ghana, many stars have gone through rebranding, and for some it has worked magnificently well.The biggest success story are DJ black,shatta wale,samini etc
As it was said in the earlier days of December that DJ splash deunpredictable is set to release new name in the Ghana DJs industry

Finally DJ MAXTA PRIME take-over(Release of new  promo pictures as part of re-brand).DJ maxta prime has release new and astonishing set of promo pictures as part of his rebrand process which include new logo,social media handles and many more.

As it is said “Action sometimes speaks louder than words” after taking a look at the photos below u might have a clue of what DJ maxta prime has in stock for Ghana and the world wide

Also,Dj maxta prime is currently cooking,a new mixtape with title (Akwaaba) just to welcome his new name,probably the mixtape will be release early by next year

Also dj maxta prime is preparing to organize the second edition of his charity event hopefully by next year
Dj maxta prime wishes his fans a merry Christmas and a happy new year

Congratulation to him for rebranding his name from DJ SPLASH TO DJ MAXTA PRIME.
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