Discipline in this time – Chrispin Kumbunja (Uew NUGS president Hopeful)

Like the very commonest Ghanaian saying now, “we are not in normal times
Like the proverbial old man, I’ve sat in my corner, listened and watched and therefore have decided to add my voice to the the voices of wisdom and the heard.
We are in the middle of nowhere and the most trying moment of our country but in this crisis our greatest weapon is and should be DISCIPLINE.
The Corona Virus like God is no respecter of persons or position and therefore we ought to stand united in discipline.
In learning from the experience of China in the wake of the outbreak of the COVID19, the secret to their fight against the virus has been DISCIPLINE
We have the systems and institutions and they are working to help fight against the novel Corona Virus.
The fight is not for only the government or the World Health Organization but a clarion call on you and I to help in our own little way through self discipline and collective discipline.
We ought to be DISCIPLINE by observing the protocols given by the world Health organization (WHO),
We ought show discipline by being our brother’s keeper. It’s saddening to realize that people in the country especially traders have this as an opportunity to make more profit by charging exorbitantly.
We have to show DISCIPLINE by staying at home and volunteering the needed information for the health institutions to help in the fight against the Corona Virus
We ought to show DISCIPLINE

by sharing the little resources with our brothers and neighbours(food and other items)
The fight is purely that of the mind and self DISCIPLINE, we don’t need the government to remind us to stay safe and healthy. The military shouldn’t brutalize us because we ought to stay safe and alive.
Let’s stick together, the battle against COVID19 will soon be over and we can live our normal, typical Ghanaian happy lives again.

Just a word from a friend in this trying moment.

Stay at home, stay safe, COVID19 is real.


People matter, you matter, everybody matters



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