Dating A Broke Guy Is A Big Crime -Says Counsellor Okafor

Never in this Life Date a Broke and Jobless Guy, he is never fit nor ready to even be with a woman, talk more of having a relationship with a lady, a lady needs a man to take care of her and adore her, not a guy who cant even afford to take care of himself talk more of a lady, he can go and date his mother who can starve and bear hunger, not someone else child who deserves a good and a happy Life.

How can a lady be with man who never or hasn’t known the direction for his Life? why waste such a great effort? believe me its never worth it, he must first be responsible by getting a job and then plan the course of His Life before he can even think of involving another lady in his life…

As as the saying goes, ” You can never know the true color of a man until he comes in touch with money and power” Many Ladies go into a relationship with a man,

believing everything would turn out great, however to their dismay, it turns the opposite, he makes money and starts maltreating you, starts flexing with other ladies,

he starts blaming himself for even getting involved with you in the very first place, because he start coming in contact with other ladies with higher class.

He stop been over caring as he used to, he stops pampering and calling you, he starts getting angry unnecessarily, you begin to irritate him. The worst thin you could

ever do is date a broke guy, he is not a man, he is a boy, who has no sense of direction, he dosnt even know himself, you must leave him and date a man who has sense of direction and aspiration.Ladies are usually carried away by Emotions, called Love, that they forget to open their eyes to the ultimate reality that, Love doesn’t pay house rent, pay for power bills, hospital bills or buy foodstuffs. Love without money is a crime, a self punishment imposed on one by ones stupidity, its a punishment on your parents.

Are you even aware that, you being in a relationship with a broke guy is very boring? take for example you feel like spending some quality time with your guy, say you wish to be at the beach, or an expensive restaurant, for that reason you had to be indoors watching movies, or even do some shopping, only to realize that the guy who professes love to you is simply and just broke that he cant even afford to take care of your Life style, leave him alone let him think straight, never give him sex, sex is for men and not for boys.

The worst thing you can ever do is also introducing him to your family, never introduce a broke guy to your friends he is not worthy of such title as your man, he is a boy who must play with toys. Be very careful because he would want to make you feel inferior because thats what he feels, he would do everything to be intimidated by him, because he wants to feel like he is the man, he is in charge. some broke boys are very smart, they would have 100 rounds of sex with you just to impress you, this is because that is the only thing they are good at. Leave such a guy and get yourself your class and stop dating a poor toy. He can simply go have sex with a goat who doesn’t need money, as for you, you need a man to adore and appreciate you as a woman.

My advise to the broke and jobless guys is, get a job before you can think of dating a lady, if you cant make money before dating a lady, then go date a goat.


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