Criss Waddle Has Made My Life Miserable, I Want To Kill Myself – Ex Girlfriend

Mary Obeng, the senior high school leaver who was reported to have attempted suicide months ago because rapper Criss Waddle ditched her is in sorrows.
The young lady has poured out tribulations she has been through after news broke that the Tema-based rapper has used and dumped her. Speaking on Accra FM’s Drive Time show hosted by Black Eye, Mary disclosed that her family has given her the cold shoulder. She told Shatta Ghanna on “Accra Junction”, an entertainment segment on the Drive Time Show that her father who happens to be a pastor and her sister have failed to show her due affection after it was reported that she is no longer in a relationship with Criss Waddle.
When Shatta Ghana asked if Criss Waddle is aware of the family rejection, she gave a positive response but continued that the musician does not care about it.
The sad and depressed lady added that life has become miserable for her since she has nobody to lean on. Miss Obeng revealed that since Criss Waddle does not care about her anymore and family has also rejected her in an abrupt or ungracious manner, she is planning to commit suicide. According to her, life has become miserable for her so she thinks taking her life is the best solution.
The 19-year-old further pleaded with Criss Waddle to come to her aid because the pictures he posted on social media platforms months ago is ruining her life.
Criss Waddle Has Made My Life Miserable, I Want To Kill Myself – Ex-Girlfriend (Photos)
Shatta Ghana 2 Hours Ago
“When the issue came, Criss Waddle asked me not to grant any interview but now things are getting worst. If I had explained to Ghanaians why I was killing myself because of him, it would’ve helped because people now tease me a lot with it.
My father saw this issue as a disgrace to his work as a pastor so he did not want to comment on it. My father and sister asked me to go back to him )Criss Waddle) because they advised me several times but I did not listen to them. They say I have disgraced the family” Mary told Shatta Ghana


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