Counselor Lutterodt calls Rashida insane – Read More (Video)

Counselor Lutterodt calls Rashida insane – Read More (Video)

Rev George Lutterodt the controversial counselor has added his voice to Rashida Black Beauty over the n*de videos she released last week.

Ghanaians lashed Rashida when her sexually explicit video surfaced on the internet.

Counselor Lutterodt in a radio interview with Accra’s Adom Fm threw punches at Rashida and family for allowing her to behave like an uncultured human being.

“This is why today this insane uncultured zoo-keeping child will have the guts to use social media to speak loose. If you are a parent, and someone is looking after you, will you have the guts to go to Facebook and talk like this?” he asked angrily.

He revealed that the fallen standards of societal norms and culture are the reason for the current exposure; citing “it used to take a village to raise a child, but now because of child right everybody is on their own. No child has a right, children have privileges and responsibilities not right” he added.

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