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For Couples: How to get pregnant easily

How to get pregnant easily Stop taking birth control pills Once you stop using birth control, you can get pregnant at any time. If you have been taking birth control pills, it is time to stop before you start trying.Usually, it takes a few menstrual cycle to start ovulating regularly …

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Meet the Richest people in Africa

Forbes’ annual Rich List show that the number of billionaires in Africa has actually risen to 25, up from 24 last year. Dangote continues to soar high according the latest African billionaires report » in 2017.A list released by Forbes in March 2017, though his net worth took a £9.79bn, …

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3 moves that soothe cramps

Can your vinyasa flow help ease the pain from your monthly flow? Science says it’s possible.Yoga offers drug-free pain relief, according to one recent study.Jessica Bellofatto , founder and director of JBYoga in East Hampton, New York, guides you through three poses that will soothe an aching lower back and …

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Who is Ibrah? No one in Ghana owns more expensive cars than this mysterious man

Visit the Instagram page @Ibrah_money  » and watch your jaw drop, your eyes widen.The exotic images there, by Ghanaian standards, is mindblowing. READ ALSO: [New Music] Kweku Darlington-So Sweet ft Amerado (prod by Lawrence beat) Download mp3″ A mysterious young man only known by his nickname ‘Ibrah’, has been using the social media platform to flaunt his …

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4 sex position women love most

You want to please her tonight?. Need help?. We have four sex positions women really crave for in bed. 1 Stacked spooning It is similar to the spooning sex position but instead of staying on your sides, you and your partner are stacked on top of one another.Lie with your …

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5 signs to tell if a man is a virgin

It is very unfortunate you can’t determine a man’s virginity through intercourse.The best way to be certain if your Mr. Right is virgin is to ask him outright whether he has had sexual encounters in the past.As usual there are signs that easy give a man out if he is …

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