Biography Of Nadine: Female Musician

Nadine Korrmannn Klenam, popularly known as Nadine, is a 14 year old Ghanaian-German singer and songwriter. She is signed on to BBmEntertainment lable.

She has currently released two singles, the first being ‘libilibi’ and the current one “Take me as I am” that has hit the airwaves and was released 18th August on air and being played by numerous radio stations across Ghana.
Nadine has lived in Germany and currently living in Ghana. She school’s at De-youngsters at Adenta.

Her mother is from Ghana and her father is from Germany . At this young age Nadine is inspired by the things around her and in her family. Her biggest role model is herself. She is highly focused on Her education and Her music career which she knows will go far. Though she loves music she would not want to jeopardize Her education therefore giving time and dedication to both.

Her music career started at a very tender age of 10, her song, which is titled “Take me as I am” is an RnB song that she tells the world to accept her as she is no matter what.
Against all odds she has been able to balance both school work and music, all this with the support from her parents.

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