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Angry wife forces husband’s side-chick to clean her home after catching them in bed

There are indeed “many ways to kill a cat”. A woman who reportedly caught her husband and his side chick in bed chose to not be violent towards her ‘rival’, but made her do the backlog of house chores that had been her headache all along.

The hilarious incident is reported to have happened in Pretoria, Tshwane, South Africa over the weekend.

Before she started the house chores, the woman made the husband’s mistress say on camera that, she’s a home-wrecker who sleeps around with married men who have kids.

After that, she gave her a bucket and a rag and asked her to mop the floor.

Obviously, after eating you must wash the dishes. While the embarrassed side-chick thought she was going to be left off the hook after cleaning the house, ‘her madam’ asked her to again wash the very blanket she enjoyed the illicit sexual intercourse on, and she did.

In a viral video posted online, the angry woman could be heard saying: “You want to be the woman of this house? Then do the chores as a wife. I want these blankets clean.”


Source: Ghanaweb.com

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