An up close with oseikrom’s young talented Artist ‘Kweku Darlington’.

ShataGhana took a conversation with Oseikrom’s young talented bars spitting rapper ‘Kweku Darlington’.
Kwabena Asante Asare: First who is kweku Darlington?
Kweku Darlington: Kweku Darlington is a Ghanaian native born by two Ghanaian parents. A young and upcoming artist. I Was born on 17th July 1996, at Aniamoa in the Brong Ahafo Region. I completed JHS at Jesus Loves International and completed SHS at Juaso Senior high in 2015 and still looking forward to continue my education
Kwabena Asante Asare: Aside music, is there anything else you do? Like another career.
Kweku Darlington: No. Music is all am doing now
Kwabena Asante Asare: When did you start doing music?

Kweku Darlington: I started doing music at the age of 16 right in SHS one
Kwabena Asante Asare: And what inspired you to do so?
Kweku Darlington: Both my parents are all music lovers and also my dad is also a highlife artist and also a radio presenter and he loves to hear me doing music and so that inspired me so much
Kwabena Asante Asare: That’s great. Meaning your family is already into music . Can you tell us a bit about your father?
Kweku Darlington: Well, my father goes by the name Nana Billa Kantanka(Silva FM). His music career came to his peak around 1996 When he was on a campaign song for NPP’s candidate Adu Boahen at then. He is very kind and hard working.
Kwabena Asante Asare: How many projects do have so far?
Kweku Darlington: 10 solid tunes
Kwabena Asante Asare: Can you tell us about it?
Kweku Darlington: OK, I recorded my first tune in 2014,  LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT and then I went on with dope works like,  Adjei, special someone, Ataa Adwoa, Freemind one, freemind two, Rap Over Beat(R.O.B), Login,Applause and So sweet with Amerado.
Kwabena Asante Asare: What do you think of the Ghana music industry?
Kweku Darlington: Well the industry is getting very high on my opinion sake of how current artist and upcoming artist are learning and working hard to do something. I see a lot of talents, creativity and a lot if competition in our current music industry
Kwabena Asante Asare: Who is your role model?
Kweku Darlington: Elorm(E.L)
Kwabena Asante Asare: Why is EL your role model?
Kweku Darlington: He is a hard working dude. He learns a lot and has much creativity. His lyrically contents inspires me anytime I listen to him.
Kwabena Asante Asare: What’s the worst rumor you’ve ever heard about yourself?
Kweku Darlington: Hihihihi. When I was in my room watching movie and people started calling my daddy that they’ve heard am involved in an accident Which was never true
Kwabena Asante Asare: Thanks for sacrificing your time to talk to me. Before I leave you, tell me what is the way forward for Kweku Darlington, any surprises for the fans out there?
Kweku Darlington: Yh. Much surprises. More heat tunes and videos drooping soon. As far as God lives, I soon make it to the top.
Facebook: Kweku Darlington
Twitter: @kwekudarlingto2
Instagram: @kwekudarlingtongh


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