An exclusive interview with Sir Article, Ghana’s youngest writing entrepreneur.

SIR ARTICLE: Sir Article, who goes by the name Allan K. Buah, is basically a 20-year-old writing entrepreneur. I was born and bred in Tema, but I now live in Sekondi-Takoradi. Most of my family relatives are here. My mother is a Fante, and my father is an Nzema. I have four other siblings, and I am the fourth born.
KWABENA ASANTE ASARE: Talking of writing entrepreneur, I think most Ghanaians do not know what it means. How do you explain it?
SIR ARTICLE: Okay, I am a writer and a social entrepreneur. So I merged these two to become a writing entrepreneur. It means, I focus on the business of writing to make a change and also profit. Besides, I have founded and currently head a writing firm called Sircle Communications.
KWABENA ASANTE ASARE: What’s your religious belief, relationship status, favourite meal, music, and who do you look up to as your role model etc.
SIR ARTICLE: Okay, I’m a tongues-speaking Pentecostal. My favourite meal is boiled yam and vegetable stew with meat. I am technically single. I love African Hip-hop, especially Sarkodie’s rap. And Sarkodie is my number one role model in the world, followed by Jack Ma, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson etc. in the descending order. I am really sociable but crazy and argumentative.
KWABENA ASANTE ASARE: OK, now tell us about Sircle Communications?
SIR ARTICLE: Sircle Communications or Sirclecomm is a start-up writing firm based in Sekondi-Takoradi. I am the Founder and CEO of Sircle Communications. I run it with 17 teammates. Well, I dropped out of UCC to establish Sircle Communications in 2016 after my first year. At Sirclecomm, we provide writing services which generally include blogging, publishing, proofreading/editing, publicity, copywriting/ghost writing, memes.
KWABENA ASANTE ASARE: You dropped out of school?
SIR ARTICLE: Yes, I did that in order to control my own destiny. And I wanted to become a full-time writing entrepreneur. Sirclecomm’s corporate vision is also too big to be shared with academic studies.
KWABENA ASANTE ASARE: Does Sirclecomm generate profits?
SIR ARTICLE: Not yet, not even revenue. We have published my first book, and we would start selling it soon to earn income. But we are presently focusing on building our corporate brand to make it highly valuable.
KWABENA ASANTE ASARE: Information reaching us is that, you were dismissed from UCC.
SIR ARTICLE: Okay, interesting. But that is a misconception and even a fallacy. I was never dismissed from UCC. You can check from the university administration. I dropped out on my own without any humanly external influence. Interestingly, I told a few people I would drop out in the first and second semesters.
KWABENA ASANTE ASARE: Do you see competition in any way? Like other writing competitors?
SIR ARTICLE: Yes, I personally have many competitors as a writer. And Sircle Communications has a competitor known as Scribe Communications.
KWABENA ASANTE ASARE: So what are your plans for the future?
SIR ARTICLE: We are planning on building a writing empire on the global stage. That is Sirclecomm’s vision. We are working on that by providing our transformational writing services. Generally speaking, yes.
KWABENA ASANTE ASARE: We got a rumour telling us that you rejected a million dollar offer? How true is it?
SIR ARTICLE: You heard it right, as the purported rumour indicated. But I don’t want to talk about that, because it is confidential. And we are working on it too. We would publicly provide final details soon.
KWABENA ASANTE ASARE: What’re some of the works of Sirclecomm?
SIR ARTICLE: We have published my first book titled “Control Your Own Destiny.” We have other works too; we have had 7 radio interviews so far, churned out hundreds of articles etc.
KWABENA ASANTE ASARE: How come Sirclecomm is not widely known?
SIR ARTICLE: Says who, please? In fact, it is widely known. We have about 5,000 people who get to see every writing we publish. Some people do not know about us though. But there are many people who know about Sirclecomm.
KWABENA ASANTE ASARE: What’s your final message to other young writing entrepreneurs who look up to you?
SIR ARTICLE: I would only tell them to control their own destiny, follow their dreams, and above all, be rare.
KWABENA ASANTE ASARE: Thank you for your time.
SIR ARTICLE: I am so grateful to you for interviewing me. God bless you.
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