6 Celebs who ‘killed’ their friends

Breaking news of celebrities involved in car accidents hit us from time to time, some, unfortunately, passing away after sustaining serious injuries.

In this controversial article by Asembi.com, which is sure to touch the nerves of the fans of these celebrities, remember some celebrities who lost their friends while in their company. Some were also simply blamed for the death of their friends for varied reasons while others died simply because they are connected to the celeb in one way or the other.


Anas Aremeyaw Anas

Undercover investigator and a key member of Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ Tiger Eye Private Investigations team, Ahmed Hussein-Suale was shot dead at Madina, Accra.

Ahmed was shot three times, twice in the chest and another in the neck while driving home by unidentified men riding a motorbike.

Though Anas did not fire the shots, it is widely speculated that Ahmed may have been killed because of his job as an investigative journalist with the Tiger Eye PI. It is unlikely that Ahmed would have been shot if he wasn’t working with Anas, unless his killers killed him for a reason other than his job. So indirectly, Ahmed died because of his relationship with Anas (unless an unlikely reason of him losing his life for a reason other than being a Tiger Eye employee).


2017 was a big year for Nigerian afropop artiste Davido in terms of career success but it was also a bad year as he mysteriously lost several friends of his, most notably DJ Olu, under strange circumstances. After news of DJ Olu broke out on the internet and events leading to his death were explained, people began to point accusing fingers at Davido for having a hand in the death of his longtime friend. The accusations stemmed from the fact that Davido was the last person DJ Olu had contact with, in a club before the young man was rushed to hospital after what was suspected to be poisoning. Even though no evidence indicated that Davido was responsible for the death of his friend, he was seen as the prime suspect by the public with many accusing him of perhaps using his friend for some ritual sacrifice. The public’s accusations of Davido was largely due to the fact that he had lost some friends to death in that same year in the lead up to DJ Olu’s death, which somehow raised eyebrows. The public outcry left the Nigerian police with no other choice than to invite the young singer for questioning, after which the police concluded that Davido had no hand in the death of DJ Olu. DJ Olu died under strange circumstances after complaining of stomach ache while in a nightclub with Davido and his entourage. He was rushed to a hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival. However till this day, Davido insist he was not in the club when his friend started complaining of the stomach ache. According to him, he had already left his friend in the club and was heading to a party somewhere before the incident took place. Though Davido did not kill him, he died because they were friends. DJ Olu wouldn’t have been at the nightclub with Davido if they weren’t friends.

Asamoah Gyan

Baby Jet as he is fondly called has had his fair share of blame for a friend’s death. The Ghanaian football superstar was accused of knowing something about the death of his friend and highlife artiste, Castro when the talented artiste mysteriously got lost on the Ada Estuary in 2013. Castro had visited Ada together with Asamoah Gyan and Baffour Gyan to go and have some good time at the beautiful beaches and hotels in Ada. But days later, news hit the nation that Castro together with an unidentified lady had gone missing on the Ada Estuary after taking off in a jet ski. The news shook the nation and people began to look at Asamoah Gyan for answers which weren’t forthcoming. The conspiracy theorists also accused him of probably having a hand in the drowning of his friend on the Estuary, using him as a sacrifice to better his fortunes. Ace Lawyer, Maurice Ampaw did not help matters when he also came out insisting that Asomoah Gyan should be invited by the police for serious interrogation because he suspects Gyan was hiding something on Castro’s disappearance. Though Asamoah Gyan did not kill Castro or kidnap him, Castro cannot be found today because Asamoah Gyan was friend. If they weren’t friends, Castro would have been somewhere else instead on riding a Jet Ski at that moment.


Priscilla Kwarteng known in showbiz as Ebony Reigns passed away in February 2018 after being involved in a fatal car crash on the Sunyani-Kumasi highway on his return to Accra from Sunyani. Ebony died together with her longtime friend, Frankie Kuri and one soldier who, were with her in the car when it crashed. Frankie Kuri just like Ebony died on the spot of the accident. Many people have come to the conclusion that Ebony indirectly led Frankie Kuri to her untimely death because she had no business in traveling to Sunyani except to escort her friend, Ebony. The only survival of the crash was the driver of the Toyota Camry car who surprisingly escaped with very little injury. We can only conclude that Frankie Kuri could have been alive had she not been asked by her friend Ebony to accompany her to Sunyani.

Lil Wayne

Stephen Garret known in showbiz as Static Major passed away mysteriously in 2008 after battling an unknown illness. In 2008, Major Static was the main man behind Lil Wayne’s 2008 hit, Lolipop, undertaking the production work and also singing the hook on the track, while also appearing in the video. But just after the song became a global hit and brought fame to Lil Wayne, the 34 year old producer and singer, died suddenly, from a virus that is still unknown by the family. Speculations went rife after his sudden death that his close friend and music colleague Lil Wayne may have had a hand in the mysterious death of his friend, with many alleging that Lil Wayne had joined an occult group known as Illuminati which required he sacrificed his close friend for the fame he was enjoying just after his death. Even after ten years, when the topic of Static Major’s death is mentioned, the name of Lil Wayne always pops up for discussion.

Amakye Dede

Amakye Dede lost his long-time friend and manager, Isaac Yeboah in 2016 on the Accra-Kumasi highway in the Eastern regional town of Bunso. According to reports, Amakye Dede lost his manager when their vehicle which was parked by the roadside was ran into by a car which had failed brakes. Amakye Dede at the time of the accident was seated inside the vehicle, while his longtime friend was standing beside the vehicle. While Amakye Dede himself survived the crash, his manager wasn’t so lucky. Isaac Yeboah died because Amakye Dede was his friend. He wouldn’t have been with Amakye Dede if they weren’t friends.


Credit: asembi.com


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